Animation Center

The programs of Seoul Animation Center shall be rendered into three major sections – ‘Creative Factory,’ ‘Market Convention’ and ‘Imagery Playground.’ ‘Creative Factory’ shall become a productive section as a space for creative companies, with the aim to perform rearrangement and alteration of functions of Animation Town, a core figure of Seoul Imagination Industry. ‘Market Convention’ is a communicative section as a circulation platform in which the ‘market,’ signifying the long-term goal of industrial function, is joined with ‘Convention,’ a spatial idea with a modern reinterpretation of a market that serves as a temporary and integrated event space. ‘Imagery Playground’ is an enjoyment (play) section that shall attract citizens and experiences, composed of a theatre, contents playground, a library and many more. There is a need for the two former sections, ‘Creative Factory’ and ‘Market Convention,’ to be arranged into a flexible space that responds to the possible changes the programs may generate. The architecture shall become an infrastructure that embraces prearranged activities as well as those of the unexpected. – from the competition brief