We imagined an upside-down island at the center of Mt Hwangnyoengsan – surrounded by beautiful trees and natural elements which isolate the project from the ongoing urban conflicts in the context. By minimizing its visual presence from around its neighborhood and providing dedicated small foot-print access points to it rather than proposing grand entry that this type of developments typically accompanied by, we wanted to achieve two contradictory goals; to try not to contribute in creating further source of conflict; and at the same time to design what fulfills the community’s needs in utilizing the given site condition including the bunkers.


With no major cultural/recreational facilities in proximity to the site, it is no questionable to build a facility of the kind. To gauge its appropriate scale, we eyeballed some of open/public indoor/outdoor spaces nearby. Two major accesses were considered; pedestrian access through the existing road to the bunker, which will house bars, pubs, wineries, eateries and small event spaces; vehicular access over the mountain to an underground parking lot for families, business, large events, conventions and exhibitions.