Oblique Function

As Paul Virilio put it, “Being inclined, the wall becomes experiencable” provides a very useful mechanism for organically inter-connected space. By pulling up some of the vertices of the quad, we were able to tuck in most of the required spaces underneath and transformed the quad into continuous and occupiable green roof. In plan the circulation stays the same but is expanded vertically flowing along the series of slops. This continuous green roof stretching the entire site from south to north is supported by composite decking system composed of concrete slab and glulam, apparently inspired by Korean traditional rafter roofing system. The sedum of green roof on slopping condition will be held by guard net that keeps the soil media in stasis even in the steepest slope. As guests strolling along the oblique quad, they reach Yoenja-Ru at the southern tip of it with great view to the OK stream.