Ray & Co

Selective-Amplification has completed Ray & Co., wedding dress studio located at Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea. The client has been successfully running the studio since 2007 in the area and wanted to relocate and revamp it to a new location nearby.


As the studio carries four of its own brands under the same hood, all of them are growing fast, it apparently needed more spaces not only to accommodate growing numbers of customers but also to host many events for media, potential customers, and venders.


In that regard, key to the design of the new space among others were neutral luxury for four different brands, and flexible and spacious spatial layout for various activities.


Unlike the old studio space, which occupied two floors of small foot print building, the new studio utilizes high ceiling (up to 4.5 meters) underground space with much bigger foot print.

Desaturated gold anodized metal frames on white wall in lieu of typical wall moldings or wainscotings were proposed, which are much taller and narrower than typically are to put a great emphasis on being in a high ceiling space. The frames with faint gold color, as a consistent design language, has been repeated over to other parts of the space, including door detail, furnitures, hangers, display frames and shelves, and frame for light fixture.


In plan, the space is divided into three parts; lounge/reception for guests, pairs of fitting/waiting rooms for brides and bridegrooms, and workshop/service area for designers and staffs. In the event of large gathering, bridal show, or dress fashion shows for media, etc., one of the largest fitting rooms’ door slides disappears into the wall to provide one spacious space.